xreactbase – cross-hypersensitivity between drugs


Cross-hypersensitivities between drugs form a large group of preventable adverse drug reactions, which can be prevented by adequate decision support. xreactbase covers the available evidence-based information on the cross-reactivity between clinically used drugs. Information is compiled from both academic and manufacturer given and EMA and FDA approved information. All contents are fully evidence based and referenced.

The clinical significance of cross-hypersensitivity risk is divided in four grades (A-D) based on the clinical evidence on cross-reactivity risk as well as the structural relationship between the substances. Each risk analysis is given at a single substance level. Also, information is provided on the frequency and clinical presentation of the cross-hypersensitivity as well needed clinical actions to safeguard future therapy with risk drugs.

The structure of the database is highly modular, offering a wide selection of user interface development. xreactbase is suitable for both portal delivery and integration to various kinds of HIS to give automated warnings on cross-hypersensitivities. xreactbase is updated four times a year.