Technical and structural description

Medbase solutions are based on SQL technology which ensures that they are easily integrated into a portal or any mobile environment and will add value to an existing electronic health record, prescription or dispensing system. All databases are highly modular and delivered as xml-files. All databases utilize the same technical structure to aid the integration. The databases produced by medbase cover all important areas of drug therapy, which enables us to provide the end-user with a concise decision support when prescribing or dispensing drugs. The portal and mobile solutions provide the end-user with powerful search engines for quick access to the medically reliable data, while integration to electronic patient record systems or pharmacy dispensing systems give the end-user a real-time warning on a potential medical hazard. By both ways the benefit of the systems is to prevent adverse drug reactions and increase the rational use of drugs. All clinical recommendations have been classified into four different categories according to the GRADE system ( using color coding for the different clinical classifications. The written clinical recommendation texts have been kept short and concise, which makes the production of new language versions extremely cost effective.

These factors make the clinical message clear and easy to comprehend compared with the traditional encyclopedia-like databases – and this is proven by hundreds of thousands of clinicians using our databases in their daily routines. All databases are updated at least four times a year, which guarantees always up to date information. Different terms can be used to connect the databases to the local drug registry: INN generic drug name, ATC code, or RxNorm code. References to the original publications are PubMed-linked. All databases take into account dosage form of the drug and a separate list for connection of drug formulations to the terms used in the database is provided.

This way the end-user is able to perform the searches with the local trade names of the drugs. Medbase also guarantees appropriate localization of the database contents, so that the selection of drugs used in each country is adequately covered.